How can we get rid of annoying freckles

Our expert explains what causes freckles and suggests products that will help us "erase" this skin problem.

Freckles or alternatively, melasma, do not threaten our health, do not cause pain or other discomfort, but affect our self-confidence! This is because brown or gray spots remain on the skin of the face, hands, neck or décolleté and resemble "stains", a "patch", a problem that is not aesthetically pleasing.

Melasma usually occurs in women!! It prefers women, says the beautician, Ifigenia Tsiolou from I.T. Beauty Medical Center and explains everything we need to know, how to deal with it, but also how to avoid it.

Freckles or melasma, which is their official scientific name, are persistent brown spots that form on the surface of the skin, especially after sunbathing. If they are systematically exposed to the sun, they appear mainly on the skin of the face, cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, upper lip, but also on other parts of the body, such as the hands and neck. If they appear on one side of the face, they will most likely appear on the other too. Their size can range from a small freckle to a large shadow that covers an extended part of the face. They are light or dark brown when the melanin concentration is superficial and grayish when it is deeper in the skin.

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Who is it more like to have freckles?

The freckles usually occur in women! Only 10% of people with freckles are men and the remaining 90% are women, especially during pregnancy. In this case, the freckles that appear on the face are called "pregnancy mask" or chloasma and are mainly due to hormones.

Also, people with dark skin, as well as those who have a hereditary predisposition, meaning have relatives with freckles, are more likely to develop pigmented lesions.

What causes freckles?

The bronze skin tone we desperately want in our 20s comes at a price that we are likely to pay by developing freckles in our 40s! Excessive sun exposure is the main factor contributing to the appearance of freckles and the damage from ultraviolet radiation is cumulative. Whenever the UV rays penetrate unhindered, ie without sunscreen, the skin, the freckles that "lurk" below its surface multiply, their size and color intensity increase and eventually become visible.

Also, hormonal changes  during pregnancy or those caused by birth control pills or hormonal replacement during menopause can trigger the appearance of freckles.

Inflammation (pimples) is sometimes overlooked and can often be the main cause of hyperpigmentation.

Irritating skin products can make freckles worse.

Phototype and photosensitivity to drugs and perfumes are factors that favor the creation of these harmless but aesthetically annoying pigmented skin lesions.

How can we "erase" freckles?

Freckles are easier to eliminate when they are "new". It is important to get treatment early to tackle pigmented lesions.

The  "M.E.L.A powerclay" of pHformula is a powerful remodeling treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Contributes significantly:

  • To reduce the accumulated melanin, locally on the skin
  • To the inhibition of the enzymatic activity of tyrosinase, which stimulates the melanocyte to produce melanin, which gradually rises to the stratum corneum and creates the image of freckles (hyperpigmentation).

PHformula uses an innovative and effective mode of action to enhance the penetration of the active ingredients in depth. This is the unique PH-DVC transfer system which helps have excellent and visible results without negative side effects on the skin.

PHformula treatment systems are based on controlled skin resurfacing, in contrast to chemical peels that are based on inflammation and therefore its destruction. The pHformula regenerative systems mainly accelerate the regeneration of cells in the various layers of the skin by stimulating cytokines.

Prevention saves

In order to prevent and eliminate freckles, home treatment is very important as a mini treatment that will enhance the treatment performed at the beauty center and help maintain the results.

The… recipe for success is:

Cell renewal, sun protection and systematic hydration.

Products we love and recommend:

Pre Resurfacing with M.E.L.A. homecare kit

The skin must be properly prepared to "accept" the treatments for immediate and impressive results.

The kit contains the 4 essential products for daily skin care and for enhancement of the cellular metabolism before the treatments.

E.X.F.O. for soothing cleansing and gentle exfoliation after treatment

ACTIVE treatment product with strong whitening action

M.E.L.A. Recovery Therapeutic serum for melasma with fruit acids.

Improves skin from the inside out

POST Recovery cream with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid and niacin, the well-known vitamin B3. These ingredients offer very deep hydration, whitening and help the overall youthful appearance of the skin.

For a uniform color tone the skin needs... Vitamins!

C 24hour Cream and VITA C Serum. Vitamin C is also necessary for the skin! It prevents visible signs of aging and skin color changes.

M.E.L.A. Serum Cell to Cell Communication complex, the WiFi of our cells. It is ideal to enhance cellular metabolism and prevent melasma formation (freckles). It contains a specialized blend of active ingredients that bind moisture, brighten, smooth skin tone, reduce dark spots. Suitable even during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

And ALWAYS use sunscreen!

Daily application of sunscreen with high sun protection 365 days a year. It is the main way to prevent the appearance of freckles or, at least, to reduce their size and color intensity. At pHformula, sun protection products provide both anti-aging and environmental protection. Available in a regular and a tinted version for color coverage, they give a uniform color tone for bright and glowing skin. You only have to choose the right one for you:

  • U.V. Protect SPF30
  • U.V. Protect SPF50
  • C.C. Cream SPF30 (in three shades)
  • Compact FoundationSPF50+ (in two shades)