Localized fat? ResultMed has the solution

Le Shape is the first treatment based on Laser technology for non-invasive lipolysis in areas such as the abdomen, ribs, back, inner thighs, outer thighs. It is designed to safely and effectively eliminate unwanted local fat. The result is a permanent reduction in persistent local fat of 24% at each visit, without surgery or recovery time.

The use of a 1060 nm wavelength creates a mechanism of selective thermolysis of adipose tissue, with maximum energy absorption being achieved by adipose tissue, while at the same time minimal absorption by the skin is observed, allowing Le Shape to effectively treat local fat areas in just 25 minutes. This short procedure causes permanent and irreversible damage to 24% of adipose tissue (apoptosis) in a single application, without pain and without any side effects on the skin. Immediately after treatment and over time, the body naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells with the first visible results being observed quickly after 4 weeks while the best results are usually observed after 12 weeks.

  • Flat head design, without suction for uniform and natural results.
  • Non-invasive treatment with many different area combinations in the same application.
  • Easy to use, simple to customize, friendly menu of options.
  • Hands-free treatment.
  • Minimal absorption by the skin leaves the skin surface intact.
  • Constant cooling of the heads improves the patient's comfort.
  • The use of thermal energy stimulates simultaneously the tightening mechanisms of the tissue.
  • Fat reduction up to 24%
  • Mild and transient side effects
  • Fast 25-minute process for 4 simultaneous heads.
  • Flexible applications to fit different body shapes and sizes.
  • High return on investment (ROI) for fast depreciation (min € 500 / application)
  • Brand new method, minimal competition

The use of 1060nm shows the maximum absorption by adipose tissue.

The continuous emission of Laser energy at 1060nm increases the temperature levels of adipose tissue locally between 42 and 47 degrees Celsius, permanently destroying their structural integrity (apoptosis), while the simultaneous continuous cooling of the skin eliminates any side effects.

After treatment, the damaged fat cells are removed through the body's natural processes (phagocytosis) within a period of 3 months.

Within a period of 3 months, a permanent reduction of adipose tissue of about 24% is achieved in a single application.

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