Our 4 basic values
The know-how

Focus on scientific training and constant monitoring of developments in the field of Medicine - Aesthetics.

The innovation

Innovative and pioneering products of High Cosmetic Value and High-End Machinery.

The effectiveness

Immediate visible results ensuring the Dermatologists who work with ResultMed are reliable professionals.

The human approach

We support our clients in making the right decisions in the business design of a modern and successful Medical Spa, always responding immediately when the need arises.

7 Reasons to Trust Us

  • Innovation and efficiency

    For Anti-Aging and Skin Health Management we work with Medicine-Aesthetics Brands that have a well-established and successful presence in leading medical Spas worldwide and are distinguished individually for being original, unique and competitive.

  • Experience in the field of Medicine-Aesthetics

    We have been active in the field of Medicine-Aesthetics with a continuous presence since 2005, representing exclusively prestigious international companies in the field of professional cosmetics, cosmetic machines, medical equipment and medical supplies.

  • Qualified staff

    We have an excellent team of human resources, highly trained and dedicated to the field undertaken by each of our employees. Our team is supported by continuous innovation and technological training.

  • Certified equipment

    Our innovative and pioneering equipment has all the necessary certifications. For all machines we offer a 2 year warranty that ensures good operation.

  • Customized payment scheme

    We offer customized payment solutions and different types of financing in a personalized manner to all our clients, in order to support the integration of new technologies in your beauty studio or Medical Spa.

  • Customer support

    In the context of supporting our customers, we follow a dynamic marketing strategy with a constant presence in all networks, Social Media, print magazine, radio, TV shows, as well as the provision of supporting material.

  • Continuous education

    In collaboration with trainers and top quality educational institutions, which are constantly evolving, we hold seminars, workshops and training programs that offer you theoretical and practical training, both on equipment and on our company's products, as well as on treatments. In addition we pay special attention to all safety factors that must be taken into account to achieve best results.