Apilus JUNIOR 3G 13.5MHZ

Effective treatments, worthy of the Apilus name
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5 methods of radical hair removal
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512 programs depending on the area
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It can perform 8 different treatments
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Why Choose Apilus Junior 3G?

The Apilus machines have been used for over 20 years in thousands of beauty salons around the world. The brand-new Apilus 3G is even more efficient, comfortable and flexible!

They offer more possibilities to the beautician, as a single device can perform 8 different treatments: permanent hair removal, heat coagulation, embossing and ionization reporting. 

Unique Features of Apilus Junior 3G

Το Apilus Junior 3G is an introductory model, simple to use that allows you a quality permanent hair removal in the easiest way. 

Comfortable fast and effective treatment, it is a perfect technique for all hair types!

Optimal Results

The brand-new Apilus 3G is even more effective, comfortable and flexible. It allows quality permanent hair removal in the easiest way.

Valuable Investment

High performance and fast payback (ROI), with immediately visible results and highly satisfied customers.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Το Apilus Junior 3G offers 100% safe, gentle and permanent hair removal. In the event of an unforeseen malfunction, the Processor Sentinel (PS) protection circuit automatically shuts off to ensure complete protection and safety.

Permanent results...

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Free Installation

All shipping, installation and training procedures regarding the machines' operation are undertaken by our specialized partners.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment schemes tailored to your business' needs and always taking the human factor into consideration.

Technical Support and Training

We always offer the necessary technical and after sales support, constantly proving our reliability and immediacy.


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