Aptos thread lifting methods

Minimally invasive threads and methods for face and body lifting, contouring and armoring.

APTOS is a cutting-edge technology, a minimally invasive method with lifting threads fully absorbable made of poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone. Polylactic threads are used in surgery as a suture material and are composed of fully absorbable, non-allergic material. Aptos threads are invented by Dr Marlen Sulamanidze in 1996 to simplify surgical interventions with minimal recovery time, immediate rejuvenation, skin quality improvement and natural results for strong and stable soft tissue lifting. Since 1990 Aptos has developed a large portfolio of innovative products and techniques. Is a popular procedure with global recognition in more than 50 countries and 10.000 certified doctors. After APTOS threads soft lifting the face is redefined, volume restored and ageing signs are significantly reduced. Unique designed barbs in Aptos threads provide a soft grip on surrounding tissues. As absorbable threads dissolve naturally, the skin starts to produce more collagen which gives a longer-lasting result. Over a period of time they improve skin tone, texture, colour and hydration.

“Created by doctors for doctors,
 APTOS threads and methods have been transforming 
the aesthetic medicine since the inception. 
Anticipating technology trends, Aptos products 
keep improving defining the future of aesthetic medicine”.

“Every patient feel better and as a result look better”

The 3rd Generation Aptos Threads with Hyalouronic Acid is a revolutionary new formula of thread composition for face and body lifting, contouring and rejuvenation. This improved formulation ensures additional benefit for the skin, provides less traumatic procedure and faster rehabilitation. Skin elasticity and texture improvement are visible right after thread implantation.

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Trained doctors

Advantages of Aptos lift


and learn the modern approaches of minimally invasive thread lifting techniques.

The Course is designed for doctors:

  • Plastic surgeons
  • Dermatologists

Requirements of attendance

  • Doctors must provide diploma and contact details upon registration
  • Doctors must bring their own model to ensure hands-on.  In other case, APTOS will provide models upon availability.
  • Photos of the model (full face and side, right & left on clear background) should be provided upon registration 

* The number of participants is limited. Book now.