Vagheggi is a "green" company aiming at natural skin care while respecting the environment.


The Italian company VAGHEGGI Phytocosmetics is a prominent company with a great range of professional phytocosmetics that can upgrade a plain Beauty center to a top Luxury and Wellness Spa, following the philosophy of Day Spa, and uniquely combining therapeutic and invigorating beauty care services.
For the first time, this company incorporates seemingly incompatible possibilities:

VAGHEGGI combines luxury with advanced aesthetics, clinically proven efficacy with the natural and pure origin of active ingredients. Science and Technology comes in harmony with Nature, the unique Italian Elegance combined with Affordable Luxury.

The maximum customization possibilities of each treatment start with a scientific approach and develop through the perfect synergy of the active ingredients, the high technology and the signature treatment protocols.

It is a harmonious coexistence of efficiency and well-being.
Personalized treatments to restore the natural balance and health of the skin.

Vagheggi is considered a "green" company, as environmental protection is among its primary objectives. All the active ingredients of Vagheggi products are derived from nature, for the purpose of natural skin care and respect for the environment. It is the only company in the field of Health-Beauty & Welness that provides a certified range of organic BIO products serving the demands and needs of an ever-growing portion of the population that requires strict regulations, such as certification of organic cultivation, production, processing and maintenance (Eco Certs).

For an accomplished Wellness Spa, a global and integrated approach with the use of a Brand of products of superior cosmetic value together with clinically proven effectiveness is important.

Products for All Needs

Vagheggi PHYTOtech

Vagheggi has a range of high-tech professional devices for cutting-edge face and body treatment applications. The design and production of VAGHEGGI PHYTOTECH Aesthetics machines follows the central philosophy of VAGHEGGI PHYTOCOSMETICS which is based on the respect of natural processes and the interaction of Nature and Technology.
The PHYTOTECH method is based on the action of cosmetic products with targeted active ingredients that work in synergy with a full range of new generation technologies promoting biorhythm stimulation and increasing the body's ability to react positively to the expected result, avoiding invasive treatments.


Plants, herbs, fruits, roots, which are cultivated and collected with respect for biodiversity, are used to create Vagheggi cosmetics - which are 100% of natural and plant origin. Drawing on their valuable elements and channeling their beneficial properties into unique compositions, the unique herbal cosmetics are produced, which are famous for their wonderful smells, textures and packaging.

Staying true to the "green" choice, Vagheggi consistently and resolutely follows its own vision of "modern green" by creating a certified range of organic products.

Vagheggi company is the answer for all those who are motivated by conscious choices and the desire to fully respect nature.