MELINE® products act at cellular level to treat skin discoloration.


Η MELINE® offers dermatologists and professional beauticians a wide range of products for the treatment of skin discoloration, providing uniquely customized treatments according to the type of each hyperpigmentation case, the phototype of the skin and the part of the body affected.
The uniqueness of MELINE® compared to other products on the market for the treatment of pigmented lesions is that it acts at cellular level and treats skin hyperpigmentation in a targeted way.
The range includes 21 products, each of which individually targets a different type of discoloration, such as freckles, melasma / chloasma (freckles), dark circles around the eyes and hyperpigmentation of the genital area.

Special treatments for different types of Hyperpigmentation:

MELINE® Treatments

The professional MELINE® treatments have been created to tackle targeted pigmented lesions that do not pose a threat to the individual's health, but affect appearance and self-confidence. Their presence indicates that the skin is susceptible to photoaging and needs treatment and systematic management for permanent results.
The laboratories of MELINE® are pioneers, proposing completely safe and effective treatments without the risk of post-traumatic scarring.
For each different type of pigmented lesions, targeted therapies are applied with a synergy of non-cytotoxic active drastic ingredients that allow: inhibition of hormonal activity in the melanocyte, control of the action of free radicals, improvement of the condition of the epidermal tissue, the stimulation of epidermal renewal and finally, the removal of pigmentation from the cell and the epidermis.

ME LINE®product line

Η MELINE® provides integrated solutions that combine occupational therapies with home care products, offering a targeted approach.

In addition to eliminating between 90 and 95% of hyperpigmentation, as shown in several clinical trials, the products of MELINE® improve significantly the quality and appearance of the skin, making it brighter and reducing fine lines and imperfections.