Products that combine safety and effectiveness for the skin's well-being.


Biorevitalization products and mesotherapy cocktails for Intensive Facial Aesthetic Medicine aiming at cell renewal. Mesotherapy with K-surgery vials and K-peels and their combined application is the latest trend in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. With the use of micronutrients, the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin and have a much better result, similar to very strong chemical peels. The superficial trauma created by microneedling (microacupuncture of the skin) creates "openings" for the insertion of chemical peeling which achieves much better penetration into the skin, with controlled exfoliation and very little irritation after application. Safe to apply in mild concentrations even in the summer months.


K- Surgery SUIT

Each face is unique and each type of skin has its own requirements. Why settle for one single solution only?
The K-surgery expert team has defined a new frontier in beauty treatments which perfectly suits every single skin for a result cut out for every different client.
A 20-year-old does not have the same needs regarding skin care as a 40- or 60-year-old. And the needs of the very same person may also vary according to the time of the year. So why use the same cosmetic products?
The production process of the personalized serum SUIT is extremely innovative, as it is prepared at the time of purchase. In a concentrated serum of hyaluronic acid with coenzyme Q10 and Oleosoft, K-surgery experts incorporate up to three boosters of 16 different active ingredients selected according to the age and lifestyle of the consumer using a certified application.
The serum is prepared with the help of a laboratory stirrer, maintaining all hygienic conditions. This process ensures the production of a hypoallergenic product, that is microbiologically tested.