i- Hair

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SHR function for tanned skin

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"Safe by Fast" technology for quick and effective treatments

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With absolutely no side effects for the skin and above all without pain!
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Why Choose i- Hair?

The i-Hair is an advanced intense light system that brings together all the most modern technologies in the field of selective photothermolysis. Fast, painless and effective!

It is suitable for all phototypes and safe for application even during the summer months, on dark skin, on light-colored hair. 

Fast Application

Το i-Hair IPL applies "Safe by Fast" technology that does not require much time and ensures high speed for fast and effective treatments. Depending on the treated area, the session time is calculated from 5′-10 ′ for small areas (face, armpits, bikini) and 15′-40 ′ for larger areas (legs, back, arms).

Optimal Results

I-Hair is fast, painless and effective. Significant results that reach up to 70% are visible even after the first session!

Valuable Investment

High performance and fast payback (ROI), with immediately visible results and highly satisfied customers.

Non-Invasive Treatment

IPL causes selective photothermolysis without affecting the surrounding tissue.

Permanent results...

Before After
Before After
Free Installation

All shipping, installation and training procedures regarding the machines' operation are undertaken by our specialized partners.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment schemes tailored to your business' needs and always taking the human factor into consideration.

Technical Support and Training

We always offer the necessary technical and after sales support, constantly proving our reliability and immediacy.


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