Dual Wave Technology: Alexandrite 755nm & Diode 810nm in one machine in the same head 

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Visible reduction of hair growth up to 70%, even after the first session,

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Excellent results on all skin phototypes and all hair types

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It has the Safe By Fast system that minimizes pain

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Gold Award Best Laser Depilation Device of the Year 2022

Why Choose iD-Hair²?

It combines the benefits of the two most effective wavelengths: Alexandrite 755nm and Diode 810nm in the same device in one single handpiece for the widest range of hair types, achieving optimal results in the permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth for both men and women and for all areas of body and face.

Painless sessions due to the Anvanced Contact Sab Zero Cooling System

The Anvanced Contact Sab Zero Cooling System freezes the handpiece at -5C ensuring painless sessions and protection of the epidermis. The sensation during the session is almost completely painless, while for cases with increased sensitivity, iD-Hair² has the Safe by Fast system that minimizes pain even more and makes the application suitable even in the summer months on tanned skin.

Optimal Results

Visible reduction of hair growth up to 70%, even after the first session,
Permanent hair removal results for all skin or hair types.

Valuable Investment

High performance and fast payback (ROI), with immediately visible results and highly satisfied customers.

Non-Invasive Treatment

Hair removal with iD-Hair² is an easy, effective and above all safe treatment as the laser is selectively absorbed by the skin's chromophore, melanin, leaving the adjacent tissues intact.

Immediately Visible Results

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Free Installation

All shipping, installation and training procedures regarding the machines' operation are undertaken by our specialized partners.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment schemes tailored to your business' needs and always taking the human factor into consideration.

Technical Support and Training

We always offer the necessary technical and after sales support, constantly proving our reliability and immediacy.


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