Equipped with 8 plates for more effective treatment.
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Smart software for choosing the most suitable program.
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Appropriate specialized body treatments with Vagheggi Phytocosmetics protocols can be applied at the same time.
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In the same session the problem is addressed with all the modern technologies.
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Why Choose

Revolutionary synergy of 5 different technologies with 3 different programs for cellulite, fat dissolution, sculpting, alternated and subdivided into 14 different protocols for the overall body shaping.
Hands - free friendly software and easy operation with default programs.
Visible change even after the first session.

4 Steps For The Perfect Body

Each program will be divided into 4 steps, lasting 10 minutes each, in which the synergistic plates will alternate the different functions.

Step 1: Each program consists of 10 minutes of electroporation - ultrasound and LLLT 980 nm

Steps 2 - 3: Include electrostimulation and / or electrolysis - ultrasound and LLLT 980 nm

Step 4: In the last phase the ultrasound will NO longer be active and the remaining functions will remain active.

Optimal Results

5 Different technologies for immediately visible results. Even from the first session body change is obvious!

Valuable Investment

High performance and fast payback (ROI), with immediately visible results and highly satisfied customers.

Non-Invasive Treatment

8 Application plates work simultaneously and synergistically offering a complete effective treatment even in different areas of the body. For the first time body sculpting treatments are so enjoyable with LIPO SINERGY!

Immediately Visible Results

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Before After
Before After
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Free Installation

All shipping, installation and training procedures regarding the machines' operation are undertaken by our specialized partners.

Flexible Payment

Flexible payment schemes tailored to your business' needs and always taking the human factor into consideration.

Technical Support and Training

We always offer the necessary technical and after sales support, constantly proving our reliability and immediacy.


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