pHfomula is the new generation of pharmaceutical cosmetics that improves the skin from the inside out.


pHformula is the new generation of pharmaceutical cosmetics.
A completely innovative approach to Skin Management with the unique philosophy of Controlled Chemical Reconstruction, reshapes and improves the skin from the inside out. Its uniqueness lies in the special formula that penetrates the skin with the most drastic active ingredients and fruit acids reaching the deeper layers of the skin, utilizing their healing power to the fullest without causing unpleasant side effects.

pHfomula has a well-established and successful presence in leading Medical Spas worldwide and since 2015, it has successfully entered the Cyprus market, according to the pHfomula standards.

The term "Skin Specialist" is an exclusive inspiration and characteristic term of pHfomula, a Trade Mark, given to professional beauticians who have attended and successfully completed the pHfomula training program,fomulahave participated in seminars and webinars of pHfomula Skin Academy of Barcelona, in collaboration with ResultMed, and are able to conduct a thorough evaluation and diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment. 

With pHfomula, an Aesthetics Center is upgraded to a Medical Spa, satisfying the needs of the modern and up-to-date client, having a useful consultant - partner in the field of Health and Beauty of the Skin.

Science applied to your skin

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The system of treatments and skin management by pHformula, is completely different from traditional peeling treatments as it is based on the technology of Regenerative Medicine. Focusing on controlled chemical resurfacing, it actively promotes the acceleration of cell regeneration in the various layers of the skin, significantly reducing its injury and surface irritation. This process does not cause major superficial trauma, severe irritation, excessive inflammation or uncontrolled peeling.

The advantages of pHformula skin management are:

  • maximum, uniform and controlled penetration of the active ingredients in depth
  • targeted cell regeneration
  • no side effects
  • excellent skin tolerance