Vagheggi Phytocosmetics: The new arrival that respects the environment and human interaction with nature

MARCH 01, 2019 - 12:28

VAGHEGGI Phytocosmetics, organized its first official presentation to Beauty Eitors and Entrepreneurs in the idyllic environment of Aelia Spa.

There is an ever-increasing audience that has adopted a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a healthy, vegetarian or even vegan diet. This audience is finally looking for vegan choices even in cosmetics for their skin care.

Italian Vagheggi products are Natural, BIO and came to stay and convince that they are more interesting even than a vegan diet!

The Italian company Vagheggi Phytocosmetics was founded in 1975 in Nanto, Venice, by the visionary biologist Dr Vagheggi! Aiming at the dissemination and practical application of holistic therapeutic methods. With herbal and pure cosmetics, VAGHEGGI Phytocosmetics laid the foundations of one of the first "green" companies in Europe and is today the only one to have a certified organic BIO series with COSMOS certification, in response to all those who are motivated by conscious choices and the desire to fully respect nature. Plants, herbs, fruits, roots are used to create Vagheggi cosmetics. Drawing on their valuable elements and channeling their beneficial properties into their unique compositions, the unique herbal cosmetics are produced, famous for their wonderful smells, textures and packaging.

The range of Italian herbal cosmetics VAGHEGGI is very rich, with treatments and products for the face, body and sunscreen!

The company ResultMed has exclusive distribution rights of Vagheggi Phytocosmetics products in Cyprus and the responsibility for teaching and spreadung the practice of its methods.